Creative Technologies students will complete their three years possessing a range of valuable skills in key areas of digital content/media development and delivery. This range of skills, combined with in-depth industry awareness and a strong focus on entrepreneurship will enable and empower each graduate to approach new projects/problems with a keen insight and innovative drive.  There is no question that the creative industries is one of the fastest growing* and most competitive sectors of the economy. To succeed in this space young professionals are at a distinct advantage when they possess broad and adaptable skills coupled with a theoretical grounding which, at all times, provides that ever important context. Through our links with industry Creative Technologies graduates will furthermore possess first-hand experience of real-world business practice.

In relation to career prospects, the course team prefer not to think in terms of specific roles. As systems naturally converge, more and more future opportunities will be grasped by innovative teams of interdisciplinary thinkers.

We can however list a variety of roles in which our graduates may find themselves:

  • Creative Technologist
  • Video arts, post-production, film, 3D animation, visual effects, graphics/illustration, commercials
  • Music/audio production, audio engineering, sound design, location recording, foley, sound editing
  • Web/mobile development
  • Interaction design, electronics, ambient media
  • Software development, games development
  • Research
  • IT

* In 2009 the creative industries matched the scale of the financial services industry at just under 6% of GDP – UK Governemt, Digital Britain interim report, January 2009